Why your words matter

Why your words matter

Why your words matter

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  • On May 6, 2020
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Wake up in the morning feeling achy and sore, you could either say, “Today’s gonna be a rough day”


“Today is definitely going to test my resilience”

What’s the difference between these two? They mean the same thing, don’t they? Yes. Both would be truthful. Both say you can predict what kind of day you’ll have. Historically speaking, when you wake up sore like this and you have a full workday ahead of you, by the end of the day, you feel like you’ve been beaten up all day, right?

The difference between the two is the energy each statement produces. Your words are how you communicate your thoughts to, not only, other people but also to the universe and yourself … and your thoughts are what creates your reality.

The first statement says to me that you’re preparing yourself for the rough day that you’ve always had when you wake up feeling like this. By the time your day is done, you know you’ll be even more sore than you are now because you have a life to live. You’d rather face the day in pain than lay in bed all day, but you know you’ll be in pain all day. Your words reassure that you’ll be in pain all day. You’ve just told the universe that’s the day you plan to have… and so it becomes.

The second statement acknowledges how you feel right now …you’re in pain. You feel miserable right now. By the end of the day you plan to know how resilient you are. If you keep this statement in mind, you’ll know, by the end of the day, that, despite the pain you were in this morning, you managed to live your life and get things done. It sounds hopeful that tomorrow you might wake up feeling not-as-pained with whatever your affliction.

Whether it’s chronic or otherwise, the pain you feel is real. There’s no denying it. Some people ignore it in order to get through the day … but then you’re not

acknowledging what your body is trying to tell you. Your body is the only one you have.

The world hasn’t yet come up with a parts store for new body parts, despite so many requests. I know I’ve said many times in the past how much I wish I could just trade in my nose when I have a cold and it feels stuffy or runny, or when I’m in pain and want a new knee or anything else. Until humans come up with a way to do this, we’re stuck with the body we have. You can appreciate it, or you can resent it. That’s your choice.

You get to choose what kind of day you’ll have, even when it feels like you have no choice. You ALWAYS have a choice. You may not always like all your options, but there is always a choice to be made.

Your body is what you live your life in. It’s the physical presence that the world sees. It’s something to be appreciated. Over 150,000 people don’t wake up every single day. You were not one of those people.

How many people cannot get out of bed? You’re not one of those people either. What do you get to do today? What else can you appreciate about your life?

Another example of how your words matter: I hear people reminding themselves to feel what they think they’re supposed to feel. Here’s something not everyone knows. Some people thrive on change and novelty.

I have a client whose sense of adventure is what I love most about her. She loves to travel. Just get up and go, the farther the better. Explore new places, meet new people. At the same time, she feels she lacks stability in her life.

She wakes up in the morning at times and reminds herself that she feels panicky. She felt great the day before because she went on an adventure, but when she doesn’t know what she’s going to do, she feels panicked.

When she has a plan, she forgets what she “lacks”. She’s off on another adventure, feeling at peace and feeling free. Until she’s inspired to do something that day, she reminds herself that she feels panicky.

I’d love to see you test my theory. Be aware of how you speak your feelings into existence. As you notice your words, try “planning” for a better day. Appreciate your life and watch things unfold for you. Watch your world become as you want it to be.

I used to live in a world that was dark and gloomy. Today my world is bright and hopeful. I’m working to make my world as I want to see it by sharing my points of view with you. I see a world full of hope and peace. I see a world where people work together to solve problems. I see a world where people love each other and, more importantly, themselves.

Every day when I wake up, I get to choose what kind of day I’ll have. I choose to make a difference in someone’s life today. I think I’ll start with my own.

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