Tiers of Services for Personal Coaching

Services are billed and paid for monthly based on your monthly income. No need to track or concern yourself when you need some extra support, especially in the beginning. I encourage you to reach out often in the beginning. This is about accepting what is and embracing where you are in your journey. When you need some support, you’re never alone.

Payments cover all administrative costs and staff, giving me the luxury of time that I can devote to my clients, no matter what they can or cannot pay.

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Tier 1


Are you worth the investment? I want to know you’re taking our work and my coaching seriously. No matter how much or how little, cancel anytime. This is about YOU. Changing the world by changing lives, starting with our own!

  • Scheduled weekly calls to overcome day-to-day challenges
  • “Homework” assignments to retrain the brain and create more conducive habits to reaching your goals
  • Access to coach for interim calls, emails or messages (in case crises come up before you know how to cope with them)
  • Emails, newsletters, and lessons

Tier 2


By this time, you’re comfortable with a little less support directly from me. You have an established network of support and are feeling more aligned with yourself. You just want a periodic check-in to help you stay on track. I’m helping you stay accountable to yourself

  • Scheduled monthly check-in call
  • Maintain habits
  • Access to coach for interim calls, in case crises come up before you know how to cope with them
  • Emails, newsletters, and lessons

Tier 3


(Transparency: Tier 3 supporters are my favorites, to be honest.) As a tier 3 supporter, you:

  • Receive emails, newsletters, and lessons knowing you are a part of our community
  • Support and resources to help you reach your goals
  • Make new connections and maintain connections to our existing resources
  • Access to coach in case when crises come up and you need some direction and/or brainstorming

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