The sound of silence and what scares us most

The sound of silence and what scares us most

The sound of silence and what scares us most

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  • On May 9, 2020
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We distract ourselves to drown out the noise. We say, “it’s too quiet” when we can’t tune out the silence … but why do we fear the silence? 

When you’re all alone. If you turn off the TV. No music playing. No people talking. No kids or movement in the background. What do you hear?  

Close your eyes and listen. Right now, turn everything off and just take a minute to close your eyes and listen. I say “take a minute” because I’ll bet you can’t sit still and do just that for more than just a few minutes at a time. 

Take a breath. Hear the air enter and exit your body. Do you breathe through your nose or mouth? What happens when you do the other instead?  

Put your hand on your chest. Feel your heart beating. Does it feel fast? Does it feel slow? What does it mean? Now think about why that matters.  

Why does it matter if it’s beating fast or slow? It’s beating. Who’s to say if it’s too fast or too slow? Feel the gratitude that it’s still beating. No judgment on how well it’s doing its job. Be grateful that it is.  

When you’re lonely and feel like you need conversation…. I invite you to take advantage of this time and listen to YOU. 

If you want to hear something different, listen to nature. What does nature sound like to you? 

Do you listen to the birds chirping? Do you hear the squirrels? The grasshoppers? Cicadas? Do you have water nearby that you can hear (a river, a stream)? Can you hear the leaves rustle as the wind blows? 

Open your eyes. Look around. Look at nature. Have you noticed the colors? The shapes? The grace in the movements of the blades of grass and the swaying trees? 

What calls out to you? Does it inspire anything in you? Are you artistic? Does it make you want to create? To draw, paint, sculpt, take pictures? whatever your craft? 

These are some of the thoughts that we’re distracting ourselves from. We look outside of ourselves for entertainment and answers when everything we need is calling out to us. Our body, mother nature, the universe, our SELF. 

Are you safe in your surroundings? Do you have shelter protecting you from danger or the weather? 

Feel the gratitude that you can enjoy the sounds and the benefits of nature and not have the stresses that our ancestors had to deal with. They had to hunt for food. Worry about shelter for themselves and their loved ones for protection. They had to know what could or could not be eaten.  

We are spoiled by living in the future. These are things we take for granted. Listen to nature as she reminds you of all there is to be grateful for.  

If that’s still not entertaining enough for you, go look in the mirror. There’s someone else for you to be with. Who do you see when you look in the mirror? How well do you know that person? As you get to know that person, you’ll realize all the reasons you’ve avoided the silence. 

While you’ve been filling the space with all the noise that comes from outside, this is the only noise you really need. These are the sounds that can change your life.  

We listen to music to take us back to a time that isn’t now. Or we play it real loud, so we have something to dance to, because the sounds of nature aren’t enough for us to enjoy ….so we fill it with whatever sound someone decided sounds better.  

We read books to take our mind wherever we want it to go….to entertain ourselves because we don’t want to deal with here and now.  

We watch movies and tv as a shortcut to the places that books would otherwise take us. But we don’t want to work our own imagination by interpreting the book …. so, we let the director, the producer and the actors do all the work.  

We spend time with others enjoying each other’s presence, getting to know each other, but how well do you know yourself? You want to get to know them, but what do you offer in return? You want them to share of themselves. Share their passions, share their values, share their stories with you. What do you share with them? How do you know what to share if you don’t know these things for yourself? When do you get to know YOU? 


That’s when.  

We have prime opportunity right now. As we’re “stuck” in our homes, or are we “safe” in our homes? 

Take this time to listen to the sounds of silence. Listen to your own stories. How do you tell them? Do you feel good sharing your stories? Are there stories you’ve been hiding from? 

What’s your story so far? How has your story evolved so far? In what direction has it gone? Whose job is it to create your story? No one can tell your story better than you, because you are the author. You have that power. Now own it. Listen to your own stories. Practice your stories and get to know the one who really matters in your life …. then, you can share everything you’ve learned.  

The first time you tell any story, it’s from the place of a victim. “Look what happened TO me”. You deny that story because you don’t like feeling like a victim in your own life. You deny the stories that won’t get the reaction that you hope for.  

For me, I discovered that what matters most to me is the impact I make in the world. I want my children to know how powerful they are in the state of the world. I want to inspire people to dream bigger, I want to empower people to pursue their dreams, and I want to support them to know that they’re never alone in their journey and pursuits. 

To be interesting, be interested. This is how the right people connect with you. Listen to other people’s stories. Know which stories to share to make the biggest impact, leaving them feeling seen, being heard, and KNOWING that they matter! 

If you’ve ever asked what YOU can do about the state of the world, here’s your answer.  

We change the world by changing lives, starting with our own! 


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