How We Charge

A donation to Life Teaches Foundation is an investment in yourself and the impact you stand to make

  • In your life
  • In someone’s life
  • In the world

Whether weekly, only monthly, or even daily meetings, Yael offers the support you need to dream your dreams and find YOUR path of least resistance to reach them.

Click here to apply for support in

  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Conquering crises and challenges as life presents them
  • Taking control over your own emotions
  • Being all the YOU that you were born to be

One added perk:

  • Knowing that, because you chose to work with Life Teaches, you’ve made it possible for someone who, without your support, couldn’t afford the support they need

Lack of Money and Lack of Support are the top 2 excuses for people not LOVING their life.


Life Teaches Foundation was created to do away with those excuses …¬† EVERYONE has access to the support they need.

Click here to apply for scholarship for coaching services.

No matter how much or how little you can afford, if you’re committed, so are we. All clients are created equal.

If/Once your commitment dwindles, so does your scholarship. This is a commitment to yourself. How committed are you to improving your quality of life? We’re willing to commit as much time and energy to changing your life as you are.

“Follow your heart and the money will follow”


Business Consulting is also available

You started a business to make an impact, not only in others’ lives, but in your own. You have a mission. You have a vision. Maybe you have a world vision. Maybe you don’t.

YOUR vision is the one that counts. Make your business everything it was meant to be.

If you want to make a bigger impact in your business, including in your bottom line, let’s talk. How can we best support each other?

Payments for services are in the form of donations and are tax-deductible.

Often working with people who face mental health challenges, I have worked with people who, right now, can’t afford even a home to live in. This is only possible because of paid services and donations.

Together we are changing the world by changing lives, starting with our own!

As we grow, so does our pool of resources.

The more impact we make, the more impact we CAN make.