How to make a bigger difference!

How to make a bigger difference!

How to make a bigger difference!

  • Posted by lifeteachesadmin
  • On May 1, 2020
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You want to make a difference. You just want to help. They don’t listen to you. It’s so hard watching someone you love struggle when you know what they’d need to do to get out of the mess they’re in.  

You’ve told them a million times, “all you gotta do is….”, But they can’t hear you.  

I’m gonna tell you why they’re not listening and how to make a difference.  

They’re not listening because they’re “stuck in the muck”. They’re in their own head and they can’t hear anything that doesn’t agree with the voices in their head that say that’s as far as they’re gonna get.  

It is said to “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”. You want them to listen. Are you listening to them? … Or are you telling them to quit making excuses?  

They may sound like excuses to you. If you used them, they would be, but to them, it’s real life. They haven’t yet moved past the emotions that you’ve learned to overcome.  

Ask questions. Learn about them. Everyone wants to be heard. See them for who they are, not for who you want them to be. Find out why they are where they are.  

Feel seen, be heard, KNOW that YOU matter.  

You ARE your opinions. You ARE your experiences. You are your interpretation of what life has brought you so far. 

Just as you are all that, remember how you felt before you lived through what made you stronger. You were once them. How would you have reacted if someone TOLD you what to do? 

I try to avoid the word “should”. Never “here’s what you should do”. I say, “if it was me”.  

Offer the freedom to make their own choices. 

I tell people that this is only my opinion. This is my point of view. What matters is THEIR perspective. They are free to do what they want with the information you provided. Then share your story of why you relate (why would they listen to you? Do you really understand what they want? What they mean?) 

You want to feel seen. You want then to see you as someone who knows. Someone who understands them. Make them feel seen. See them for who they are, AS THEY ARE NOW, not only the potential that you see in them. They can’t see it yet. They think you don’t understand them. 

You want to feel heard. You want to hear what you have to say. Listen to what they have to say. Ask questions to clarify. Tell them what you hear, then ask if that’s what they meant. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The questions they can’t answer become the questions that they ask themselves. Plant the seed for them to start listening to themselves. 

You want to know that you matter in their life. You want them to know that their opinions matter. What THEY want is what matters, not what you want.  

You want what’s best for them, sure. You want them to see the progress that they’re making. You want them to see the potential that you see in them.  

Only when THEY see it, will change take effect.  

What a beautiful thing to see someone you love grow. Watch them blossom into the person you know they can be.  

As hard as it is to see, watching someone else reminds you of who you were…… And who you are today. Let that be your strength. Be who you are today. KNOW within yourself that, to you and so many others, you matter. 

Be proud of who you are. Be real about who you were. Take them through your journey and show them that they can trust you to be their guide. You’ve walked that path. You know the way. Let them trust in themselves. They’ll develop trust in you.  

Make a difference in lives by being authentic. The you that you were meant to be. Do you know who that is? You have your opinions…and they matter. You have your opinions and they have theirs. 

Change the world by changing lives, starting with your own. Are you the greatest person you can be? Are you setting the example you want to set? Are you sure of what example you want to set?  

You are love. Be that. Unconditionally. Love yourself. Others will follow. Be true to yourself. Own every part of you. That’s the only way to make the impact you want to make.  

I love you. I am loved. As all things are, we are connected. ❤️ 


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