Business Consulting

Rediscover the passion & excitement you felt when you first started your business

Discover and create money-making opportunities within your business

Redesign your budget to align with your mission and goals

"Follow Your Heart and the Money will Follow"

The excitement you feel in your heart is what keeps the money flowing in. When taking action feels only like WORK (chasing dollars) is when it feels like the money is dwindling. You start to question if it’s worth the effort.

Let’s reignite that passion and learn how to keep that fire lit, so as not to repeat past mistakes that have left you here, where you are today, needing some help and wondering what happened.

Together we change the world by changing lives, starting with our own

  • Audit income, expenses & processes
  • Improve company morale
  • Private coaching made available to business owner AND team
  • Connect with resources to learn skills and find talents to help grow your business

Service Packages include:

  • Reports and meetings include recommended adjustments to budgets, processes, and internal protocols
  • Consulting fees are based on number of team members and revenue (sliding scale
  • Fee includes private coaching provided to business owner
  • Group rates available to offer personal coaching to employees
  • Workshops are available to coach employees on work/life balance or to train on new systems/protocols that you decide to implement within your business

Please email [email protected] to learn more and see if this is right for you and your business