About Us

I dream of a perfect world,

where the wars have all ended and weapons have been obsolete for years. Children can go out in the yard to play. They know to stay away from the street.

When a stranger walks past as they play, they smile and say “Hi. Nice day, isn’t it?” Doors are left unlocked or

…… on a nice day …. even wide open. Parents & grandparents are out working on their garden TOGETHER

Everyone takes pride in keeping the world beautiful. Everyone does their part.

People recycle so as not to destroy their precious resources.

People take pride in the land. They are one with their planet and all that it offers. They respect themselves & each other. They take pride in themselves & each other. They treat one another the way everyone deserves to be treated.

This is an idea of the world I dream of. This is the world I work toward. It’s the world my children deserve. That we ALL deserve. I try to live my life as close to this as possible. I try to raise my kids to see the world in this light. Hopefully, they’ll raise their children this way;

to have THIS vision — knowing their worth and their strength.

It has to start somewhere.

So…..the way I see it…..

The World I See Begins With ME

A “Life Coach” is the best description of who Yael truly is. She earns a living doing what comes naturally to her, what she loves to do.

“Business Consultant” allows her to put her business experience to apply the same principles to a business, that already exists to make an impact in lives.

By helping one person or business help 100 people, she makes an impact in at least 101 lives.

By reflecting on her own life, she got to know what she loves (by living a life of what she knew she didn’t love) and what she wants (now knowing what she DOESN’T want, which is to feel the way she felt before about life and about herself).

Diving deep into personal development and analyzing the path that she’d taken, she learned which habits and activities made the most impact in her life and how much time she had wasted, running the hamster wheel, living her life on auto-pilot until that point.

She had created the life she lived. She learned to appreciate each part of her own life story, even the parts that had pained her for so long.

Now living a life she truly loves, living in her own version of Heaven teaching others how to reflect on their own life and supporting people in learning how to love the life they’ve created.

Along her journey, she realized all the reasons (excuses) she, and so many other people, had used that held her back until then.

  • She didn’t have the support in pursuing, or even dreaming her dreams
  • She didn’t have the money to pay for the resources that would push her in the direction in which she wanted to go
  • She didn’t know her self-worth. Who knew that her opinions and ideas mattered?
  • She lacked the confidence to pursue any dreams that seem unreachable

Life Teaches Foundation was created to restore faith in humankind. People helping people help more people. Make a bigger impact. Period.

  • In your life
  • In someone else’s life
  • In the world

If there is anything in your world you’d like to see change, know that the world didn’t get this way all at once. You can’t change the whole world all at once.

Together we are changing the world by changing lives, starting with our own

The World I See Begins with Me